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A one-stop platform built on Binance Smart Chain for all your NFT ventures. Offering artists, entrepreneurs, and collectors an opportunity to collect and earn NFTs.

Securing Your Digital Assets with Blockchain

Fostering an exclusive NFT marketplace to enable the artisans of tomorrow to buy and sell their digital assets across the world, securing them with cryptographic encryption.

It’sEasier and Simpler!
Create your own NFT

Buying, selling, or creating your own NFTs has become easier and faster than ever.


Connect Wallet

Use Trust Wallet or Metamask to successfully connect your wallet.


Create NFTs

Create your own unique NFTs and set the price.


Earn BNBs

Offer competitive bids and sell your NFTs to earn BNBs.

Trending Collections

Dive into popular NFTs and get your hands on the most valuable ones!


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


Featured Artists

We have an amazing bunch of acclaimed artists who are working with us to make NFTs awesome!

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0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH


0.70 ETH

Freedom to buy, sell and create NFTs

Reves is a platform for all NFT enthusiasts who believe in the potential of collecting and building valuable NFTs.

Access Rare Collectibles at a whole new level!

With Reves, users can mint and trade digital assets including rare collectibles and limited edition items. Their presence on an NFT marketplace makes them more accessible to interested buyers and can multiply their worth.

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Take a swim through our diverse collection of all the artistic productions.

Making digital art accessible on all fronts and empowering the artists to create one is central to the popularity of NFTs.
Music NFTs are growing as many artists explore this incredible experience of engaging with their fans.
Gaming NFTs are growing popular by the day. You can find rare collectibles of your favorites games.
Own classic memes and get exclusive rights for their usage in your name. Become a meme collector.
Photographers can now put up their unique photos as NFTs and earn true recognition for their work.
Get access to the rarest of all collectibles including limited edition items and one-of-a-kind digital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The transaction was successful but I don't see my NFT on the marketplace?

    At times, BSC network can be overwhelmed which is why in such a case, it is recommended to try minting an NFT a little bit later.

  • When should I expect to get paid for my NFT sales?

    Your payment is transferred straight to your wallet, instantly.

  • Can I share my NFT on other social networks?

    Yes! Simply copy the URL link from your DApp browser and you’re good to go.

  • When will my NFT appear on the explore page or under the relevant category?

    Almost instantly! The algorithm analyzes your image and description to place it in the most relevant section for appropriate reach.

  • Error while uploading metadata.

    Update your Trust Wallet. If that doesn’t work then reach out to Trust Wallet’s support team to help you figure out the problem. If not that, try to use MetaMask which usually solves this problem.

  • Trust Wallet or Metamask?

    Both are compatible and supported at Reves NFT Marketplace.

  • How much do I pay for minting/creating an NFT at Reves compared to ETH?

    It is cheaper than an ETH as you only pay for blockchain fee of $0.70 per NFT. However, on a larger scale that means you can mint 70 NFTs for $70.

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